A Hankerin’ For Pie Crust

So… last night I was sitting on my couch, watching TV and working on my computer, when I got a big hankering for pie crust. Yup! You heard correctly, pie crust. And no, I am not a pie crust maker that would be my late mother, she was awesome at it. I am actually intimidated to make pie crust, (what if it’s not flaky enough?! I’ll be judged!) so I always buy it. But I hate to buy it because it’s so freakin’ expensive. It’s water, flour and oil! Why do they charge us $3 for water, flour, oil and preservatives? Since it was January 1st I decided to throw caution to the wind and make my own! The only oils my pantry produced were EVO and coconut oil. I decided on the coconut oil because it’s a wonder drug. Google is a good friend and this is what I found. “Coconut Oil Pie Crust” I made it and it was GOOD and flaky! Not hard at all. I ate a bunch of it as I rolled it out and laid it carefully into my pie plate. Then, I ate some more. It reminded me of my mother, it was yummy, I was feeling nostalgic, I was happy that I was beating the system by making my own pie crust! So, I ate a bit (a lot) more. Yeah, it happened, I got a “so worth it” stomach ache. The recipe makes two crusts, I ended up with one. (Insert embarrassed emoji here.) Let’s just say I ate a lot of water, flour and oil (but no preservatives)!

Now… what to put in my pie crust?! I decided on a quiche! Again, Google came through for me. I went off of this recipe “Loaded Vegetarian Quiche.” I say “went off” because I usually adapt a recipe rather than follow it—the refrigerator makes the final decision. I changed the cheese to sharp cuz that’s all I had. And I used cherry tomatoes cut in half cuz that’s all I had in my fridge and I used my own chicken’s eggs cuz they are the yummiest! (Thank you Dotty and Juanita.) Oh my word. It came out great! This is a good combination of veggies for a quiche. I had a warm piece right out of the oven, in spite of my stomach ache. My husband, had some too, he loved it. My hankering produced a very healthy, tasty, late evening supper (and brunch the next day)!

So if you ever feel a hankerin’ to eat water, flour and oil . . . look no further. 🙂

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January 2, 2016

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