Creating Your Own Space!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have reason to be pumped! You have taken an exciting step toward a better life with your Yoga Bird subscription.  🙂

There are many wonderful perks to practicing yoga such as strength, balance and flexibility.  I love that it requires very little space allowing you to practice just about anywhere. Let’s talk about how you can create an environment that is appealing and motivating, to really inspire your practice.

*If you can, devote a low traffic room or section-off part of a room to be your own exercise and meditation space. Then, make it your very own! Personalize it with color, art, fabric, pillows, a spiritual icon and things that you find beautiful. What brings you peace and inspiration?! Once your sacred space is staged it makes it easier to show up and unroll your mat.

* A non-slip surface is best for your mat, like hardwood or a firm rug. Light a candle or use a diffuser with a blend of essential oils to add an extra layer of happiness to your practice. Hide your phone (unless you’re using it for your practice). Place your computer/phone on a small table at a good height for viewing. Have the room at a comfortable temperature – avoid a cold room if you can. Fresh air and natural light are best but try not to be in the direct sun.

*Keep this significant space free of clutter and clean so that your mind can relax when you are there. Stow your pretty mat, blanket and props in a basket or cupboard for convenience.

*Follow up your yoga class with a meditation. You may sit or lie on your mat. (Do not lie down on your mat if you think you may fall asleep.) Instead, sit upright in a comfortable chair with your feet planted squarely on the floor. You may not be able to practice yoga each day ( 3 X a week is a good start) but do your best to find a little time each day for meditation.

OK! Get started and be awesome!

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Enough For Today by Kate Elizabeth Conner

Enough For Today:  by Kate Elizabeth Conner

Here’s an annoying thing about God:  He doesn’t give us as much as we want.   Of anything.  We want to see the whole path but He usually only gives us enough light for the step that we’re on.  We want to have enough money to last a lifetime– so that we don’t have to worry.  So that we can volunteer and entertain and parent and grandparent and serve and rest and give without hesitation.  But God is not really in the business of setting us up for life.  We say “So I don’t have to worry,” and He hears, “So I don’t have to trust.”   

Here is a gorgeous thing about God:  He always gives us enough.   Meditate on that.  He doesn’t give us as much as we want, but He always, always gives us enough.  Not enough for the week or the month or the year – but enough for today.  

If our satisfaction hinges on our feeling safe in our own power and planning, our satisfaction will always be at our fingertips, but never in our hands.  We will be hamsters on wheels chasing after “enough” for tomorrow, then the next day, then the next day.  

Enough money, enough strength, enough health, enough forgiveness, enough grace.   But there can be no spiritual hoarding in the kingdom of God. 

In the Old Testament, when God’s people were wandering in the desert, and they were unsatisfied in every way – tired, weary, hungry, and scared – God rained down bread from the sky: manna.  He literally opened up the clouds and poured out provision and hope.  And there is this wonderful phrase, He said, “Those who gathered little did not have too little, and those who gathered much did not have too much.”  Because God’s grace is in direct proportion to our need.  However much you need, you get.   

If, in that desert, you gathered more manna than you needed for the day, it spoiled.  Always enough, never too much.  For years God’s people had to get up every morning to collect their bread from heaven – and it was always enough, for today.  God doesn’t give weekly bread (or yearly bread, or 3 months worth of living expenses-bread) – He gives us daily bread.  

We cannot hoard God’s grace for a rainy day.  We can only walk outside of our tents and gather exactly what we need for this day.  His manna is new every morning.  His mercies are new every morning.  We don’t need enough for a year to be satisfied.  We only need enough for today.  And in Christ, we have enough for infinite todays.  

Allow your soul to be satisfied with grace for today.  When you need more, there will be more.  But for this moment, breathe and be satisfied.  

*Kate Elizabeth Conner is a meditations contributor to Yoga Bird Co and author of the books “Enough” and “10 Things For Teen Girls.”

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Perspective and Perceptions

Spring is here and Easter is coming! Remember? He makes all things new. Getting a new perspective on your life can lead to positive changes. Metaphorically, take what you are learning in your Yoga Bird practice and apply it to your life.

“To change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perceptions.” ― Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Here are a few suggestions to get you going! Be honest with yourself, feel what is true, take on new challenges, practice positive self talk, spend time in nature, take time to be alone, travel to new places (it can be in your own county), do something fun, meditate, make better food choices, get some back yard chickens. (just kidding about the chickens but seriously!) 🙂

Easter’s coming!

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