Will my monthly Yoga Bird subscription renew automatically or must I log-in and resign up every month? Your monthly Yoga Bird subscription will continue automatically for your convenience. You may easily cancel your monthly membership at any time, online, 24 hours a day.

What type of yoga does Yoga Bird practice? The yoga exercises that Yoga Bird teaches are just that, exercises. Yoga Bird practices are made up of poses (a set of exercises) which promote alignment of the body, strengthening of muscles, balancing and breathing techniques for relaxation. (If you are familiar with different types of yoga, Yoga Bird, is similar to a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa.)

Is Yoga Bird a religion? No, Yoga Bird is not a religion but a method of exercising with emphasis on appropriate alignment, movement and strengthening poses. Yoga Bird practices are created to help ease the symptoms of age-related issues, such as joint pain, muscle weakness and overall stiffness.

How often should I exercise with Yoga Bird? Yoga Bird exercises are amazing and you will experience benefits even if you only practice for one hour a week! If you commit to more than that, of course, you will feel even stronger, more balanced and flexible. Just a 10 or 20-minute workout is beneficial, so don’t skip practice because you cannot commit to a 45-minute class. Do what you can and do not be anxious. Two or three times a week is a great place to begin. Very soon, you will feel the benefits and you’ll find yourself wanting to do more and more!

How is Yoga Bird different from just stretching? Yoga Bird is more than just stretching because it strengthens and aligns us too. It teaches us how to connect our body movements, to the rhythm of our breath. Loving ourselves with positive self-talk and becoming more connected with our bodies, is what makes Yoga Bird a practice, rather than just a task to be completed.

I am NOT flexible, can I still do Yoga Bird? Absolutely! – And you will benefit greatly from it! It is a myth that you must be flexible to practice yoga. That’s kind of like saying you need to be a marathon runner to go jogging. Come as you are, this fitness journey is about you and where you are at. We all begin at the beginning. Also, remember that your ability to do a pose is also affected by your skeletal structure, the length of your limbs, or any injuries you may have had or have. Practicing Yoga Bird is more about the whole mind, body and spirit connection, not how flexible you are.

May I eat before I practice Yoga Bird? As a Yoga Bird, you will be twisting, bending forwards and backward. If you have a lot of food in your stomach, you may become uncomfortable and/or nauseous. It is wise to wait at least two hours after eating before you enjoy your Yoga Bird practice for the day.

What do I need to begin? Not much! You’ll need a desire to feel better and maybe a little curiosity and gumption. Dress in a pair of yoga pants or any clothes that you can move freely in. No need to purchase footwear because you will be barefoot. You will need a “sticky” (meaning you won’t slide on it) yoga mat which you can pick up at any sports store or chain store, like Target.