Seated Poses

Easy Pose strengthens the abs and back while stretching the knees and ankles. Calms the brain and helps relieve stress.

Staff Pose helps improve posture and alignment of the spine. Strengthens back and core muscles. Stretches spine, shoulders, chest and hamstrings.

Boat Pose strengthens the abdominals, hip flexors and the spine. Helps to relieve stress and improves digestion. Also, stimulates the kidneys and thyroid.

Fire Log Pose really opens the hips and stretches the groins and buttocks. Helps to relieves anxiety, stress and tension.

Full Lotus – (in a scale) stretches the ankles and knees. Stimulates the spine, pelvis and abdomen. Helps to develop good posture and may relieve sciatica. Great hip opening pose.

Hero Pose improves the alignment of spine and strengthens abs.  Stretches quads, knees and ankles.

Hero Pose Reclining – stretches hips, thighs, knees ankles, feet and abs.  Improves circulation and relieves tired legs. (do not attempt if you have had knee surgery)

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January 26, 2014

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