Welcome to Yoga Bird! This video tells of my yoga journey and philosophy, take a look.
Yoga Bird is an online library of healing yoga practices (videos) especially designed for women ages 40 and up. Emphasis is on appropriate movement, alignment and poses that help ease the symptoms of age-related issues such as joint pain, muscle weakness and overall stiffness. Yoga Bird classes are created for “the average bird” and will improve your overall health with awareness, strength, balance and flexibility. There are NO commercials, anywhere on Yoga Bird. 🙂

Begin your wellness journey and try Yoga Bird FREE for 10 days. Gift code: 10DAYSFREEYB  Welcome to our Yoga Bird community, where everyone belongs!

Happiness Boost!  – 40 minutes
FREE: This is just one of the 25+ videos that are available to Yoga Bird members. This 40 minute full-body practice will put a smile on your face and help you shake off what’s holding you down. Appropriate for all fitness levels to build strength and to improve balance and flexibility. Try this one out, everyone needs a boost of happiness once in awhile! Do all you can and smile!

SAMPLE MEDITATION: Sit with me as we practice being still. Enjoy this eight minute meditation, that can be practiced time and time again.

YB December Calendar 2019

This is your monthly calendar for December to provide you with a framework of practices. Whether you practice a lot or a little this will help support your practice. You can print it out, if that’s helpful, and cross off the practices that you’ve completed. Pick and choose the practice that your body is needing/craving… View Article

Just a quick message to thank you for the beautiful gift you are giving me with your online Yoga Bird classes. The classes bring me such joy. I did three classes this week and it's wonderful! Warmly and much gratitude, Laura
Just want to say THANK you for making such an impact on my life. There were so many weeks of being at home alone, mothering two little ones, that my yoga was my place of sanity and healing. You are most definitely using your gifts!
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